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5 cheapest universities in Europe you can Apply for Admission

Studying abroad is quite a dream for many students in Nigeria. For a number of invaluable benefits too, it is advisable for students to acquire degrees from foreign institutions. Unfortunately, the cost of studying abroad deters a lot of would-be travelers.

Between flights, living expenses, and tuition costs, studying abroad can seem like an expense you can’t afford. Yet, it is not widespread knowledge that most universities abroad are affordable for international students. We’ve put together a list of 6 affordable universities in Europe.

Here are 5 cheapest universities in Europe you can Apply for Admission

Free University of Berlin

Free University of Berlin : Photo Credits

As the name of this institution suggests, the tuition at the Free University of Berlin is free! You will be responsible for living costs such as rent and food. Living costs come out to about 700 euros a month, that’s a pretty sweet deal for such a great university. This university is also one of the cheap universities in Europe that teach in English. They offer a Bachelor of Arts program filled with courses taught in English. This school located in Berlin will be waiting for you to have an awesome study abroad memories & adventures!

Location: Berlin

Popular Subjects: North American Studies

School Address: Kaiserswerther Str. 16-18, 14195 Berlin, Germany

Undergraduate tuition and fees: 0 EUR (2017 – 18)

Total enrollment: 31,500  as of 2016

Doctoral students: 4,406 data from 2015

School Phone: +49 30 8381


University of Göttingen

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The University of Göttingen is yet another of the tuition-free universities in Europe for international students! This university has programs in humanities, natural sciences, law, and social sciences some of which are in English! It’s also home to one of the largest libraries in all of Germany.

The only cost for this university is a small administrative fee of around 300 Euros per semester. That’s just $335 dollars (about 118,000 Naira) for an entire semester of school! The only other cost is the cost of living. In Göttingen, the cost of living is similar to Berlin at around 700 euros, or less than $800 a month.

Location: Göttingen, Germany

Tuition Cost: ~€300 (~$335)

Popular Subjects: Humanities, natural sciences, law, and social sciences

Official Web Site

Scuola Normale Superiore

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This university in Pissa, Italy has one of the sweetest deals around for studying abroad in Europe. Scuola Normale Superiore is a top-rated college in Italy, and one of the best in all of Europe. The school has three main programs for undergraduate students: humanities, sciences, and political science..

The humanities program offers specializations in topics such as paleography history of art, archaeology modern literature, and linguistics philosophy. The school also has biology, chemistry, and physic focuses on the school of science.

Scuola Normale is also one of the tuition-free universities in Europe for international students but the best part of all of it is that the school also covers living costs such as housing and food. You’ll barely pay a dime if you go here to study abroad.

Location: Pisa, Italy

Tuition Cost: Free!

Popular Subjects: Humanities, Sciences, and Political Science

Official school portal


Sant’Anna easily earns its spot on our list of cheapest universities in Europe. This school has two main programs: experimental & applied sciences and social sciences. While some courses are taught in English, you’ll need to know a decent amount of Italian to study here. But the effort to learn the language is worth it because this school is tuition-free, and they’ll cover your living expenses as well. You’ll love living and attending school in Pisa, all for free! This university is a perfect option to help you study abroad in Europe for free.

Location: Pisa, Italy

Tuition Cost: Free

Popular Subjects: Experimental & Applied Sciences and Social Sciences

School Web Address

The University of Vienna

Vienna, Austria is another great place for cheap universities in Europe. The University of Vienna is tuition-free, with only a small processing fee of ~730 Euros, or ~$815 per semester. There are nearly 200 different programs from which to choose and many are even taught in English. Because it was founded in 1365, this University has tons of history and is one of the oldest universities around. The town of Vienna is famous for its culture and nightlife and will be the perfect place for you to study abroad.

Location: Vienna, Austria

Tuition Cost: ~730 Euros, or ~$815 per semester

Popular Subjects: Theology, Computer Science, Cultural Studies, Philosophy

University of Würzburg

For the last German university on our list, proficiency in German is necessary. That said, there are a handful of courses taught in English for international students. Their major programs include cultural and music studies, as well as politics, astronomy, and molecular and computational biology.

The University of Würzburg charges a small processing fee of ~130 euros, or ~$145 per semester, making it uber affordable and appealing for study abroad students everywhere.

Location: Würzburg, Germany.

Tuition Cost: ~130 euros, or ~$145 per semester

Popular Subjects: Cultural studies, musical studies, politics, astronomy, and molecular and computational biology

If you were looking for tuition-free or affordable overseas schools to apply for, then you have my 5 most affordable school, anyone, even from low-income nations can afford,

Of course, there are more, you should not limit your findings to these 5, you can fill me in with other tuition-free schools using the Comment box.


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