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AEM203 Past Questions & Answers

1: Pick out the one that is not an advantage of budgeting.

Answer: Allows the family expenditure to be seen in perspective

2: One of the following is not among the secondary needs?

Answer: Love

3: How will you describe a person in a state of being comfortable with his/herself and others and coping with stress and problem of life?

Answer: Catholic Missionaries

4: The study of Home Economics also prepares individual for_______

Answer: Vocational job

5: The component the qualify a substance to be called food is known as

Answer: Nutrients

6: One of these is not a process of nutrition.

Answer: respiration

7: What do you call the ability to relate the facts from various forms of knowledge to experience?

Answer: Wisdom

8: Which of the following is not an area of philosophical philosophy?

Answer: Biological Philosophy

9: One of these is not among the examples of intrinsic value

Answer: Decoration

10: Give one example of instrumental value

Answer: Orderliness

11: Instrumental values are also called——- values.

Answer: Higher values

12: In the Victorian period, most women were responsible _____ for their families.

Answer: All of The Options

13: Catherine Beecher in 1873 believed that domesticity was _____.

Answer: Empowering

14: Friedman believe that domestication is a form of physical and mental ______.

Answer: Abuse

15: What is the current trend in attitude to domestication

Answer: Recreation

16: Who invented the dishwashing machine?

Answer: Josephine Cochram

17: ______ was a man among women that were founders of Home Economics.

Answer: Melvil Dewey

18: One entry qualification in Home Economics study in tertiary institution was _____

Answer: Physical Science

19: With whose effort was domestic science incorporated into the curriculum of primary and post primary institutions?

Answer: British educators

20: Running a home is a serious job; it requires _______

Answer: Skill

21: _____ is a factor that affects evolvement of the philosophy of a discipline.

Answer: Need

22: Arrange the following in their order of importance: love, food, shelter and esteem.

Answer: Food, shelter, love and esteem

23: Philosophy of Home Economics centers on———-

Answer: Promoting family living

24: Which of these is not a factor that hinders effective implementation of Home Economics philosophy.

Answer: Overcrowding

25: What is the modern trend in attitude to Domesticity?

Answer: Recreation

26: Name one Domestic occupation with reference to USA

Answer: Hospital Dietician

27: Home Economics was introduced into Nigeria by ——–

Answer: Catholic Missionaries

28: What was the work of the female European women?  

Answer: Inspection

29: Identify one reason why Nigerian woman have little control on decision making

Answer: Cultural and social practice

30: Name one factor that limited the implementation of Home Economics Philosophy.

Answer: Gender inequality

31: Which of the following is an important aspect of proper house planning

Answer: Flexibility

32: The study of Home Economics also prepares individuals for_______

Answer: efficiency

33: One of the following is not among the secondary needs?

Answer: All activities in the process of exchange between a buyer and


34: Cooking food is necessary for one of the following reasons.

Answer: Makes it pleasing to the eye

35: One of the following is a good source of consumer informationAnswer: Friends

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