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ARA183 Past Questions & Answers

1: When two Muslims meet they exchange _______

Answer: Greetings of peace

2: When Amin asked Ali kayfa al-haal he wanted to know _______

Answer: His condition

3: To say thank you to someone you will say ___________

Answer: Shukran

4: Amin said: Ana min Kiiniya because ______________

Answer: : he is from kenya

5: In a passage you have come across, We understand from the passage that Amin and Ali are _______

Answer: Meeting for the first time

6: What did Khalil show Abdullah ?

Answer: Photograph of his family members

7: Translate azwaaj abee wa amee into English

Answer: My father and my uncles wives

8: An Arabic equivalent of (wealthy family) is

Answer: Usrah ganiyyah

9: When Khalil answered huwa jaddii, he was proud to introduce ______

Answer: His grandfather

10: How would you describe the family of Khalil?

Answer: Nuclear

11: The translation of (kallama) is ________

Answer: he spoke to

12: The total number of Arabic sun letters is ________

Answer: 14

13: The English equivalent of istama-a is ______

Answer: he listened to

14: (saala) contains an example of hamzatul

Answer: qat-i

15: aljaraaid means

Answer: Newspapers

16: The meaning of (ishtaraytu majallatan wakitaaban) is _________

Answer: I bought a journal and a book

17: Translate “I want another colour” in Arabic.

Answer: Uriidu lawnan aakhara

18: Innahu ahwaju ilaa hadhihi nasaih minka; hal min ___________

Answer: maziid minha

19: Write “Do you remember some of the things he said? in Arabic

Answer: Hal tadhkuru ba-ada maa qaal?

20: Laa tudayyi-i waqtaka means _______

Answer: Do not waste your time

21: Which Arabic letter is pronounced with tongue and teeth in the same position as for dad ________

Answer: Dhaal

22: Which of the following Arabic letters is pronounced from the remotest part of the throat ______?

Answer: hamzah

23: Translate Ustaadh into English language

Answer: Professor

24: Translate the word mudarrib into English

Answer: Coach

25: English meaning of Batal is not ___

Answer: lady

26: Choose the correct meaning of Ismee Haashim

Answer: My name is Hashim

27: The correct reply to Kayfa anta is _____

Answer: Bikhayr

28: Choose the missing word for the sentence Anaa __________bidhaalik

Answer: masroor

29: Complete this sentence Hal mina l-aadah an taakoloo _____

Answer: Jameean

30: Ibn akhee is my _____

Answer: Nephew

31: maa shaa-Allah is an expression of ______

Answer: Excitement

32: Usratunaa sageerah means: ______

Answer: Our nuclear family

33: Give the appropriate reply to statement AynaUmmuka?

Answer: Ummi fi lmatbakh

34: Provide the missing word in this statement:Mataa_______fotoor?

Answer: tatanaawalu

35: Complete this statement with the appropriate demonstrative pronoun: Hal____akhook?

Answer: Haadhaa

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