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BED113 Past Questions & Answers

1: The skills that teach you how to write mechanically is known as ————skill?
Answer: Mental

2: “Highly needed courses are available in Business Education Curriculum”. This implied there is———- in Business Education Curriculum Content.
Answer: Adequacy

3: In business education, commerce is one of the——– subjects
Answer: General

4: To develop the skills for human relation——– subject is
Answer: Secretarial duties

5: How many skills are developed in shorthand?————-
Answer: Two

6: Unplugging the equipment from the power source is a way of———-equipment
Answer: Maintaining

7: Dike’s report suggested the __ type of training in business education
Answer: Right

8: Curriculum development, methodology, research techniques, Fundamentals of Business Education are not Professional Education Courses. True or False______?
Answer: False

9: The basic requirements for the study of Business Education are_______
Answer: English language Mathematics and Economics

10: The major traditional subjects of business education are Shorthand
and __
Answer: Typewriting

11: Business education should include practical and theoretical orientation because it involves__________ and __ subjects
Answer: Skilled/Non-skilled

12: Converges are usually authoritarians while the divergers
Answer: Liberal

13: The equipment for a business education programme must be modern and a replica of what is used in the business world. True or False_____?
Answer: True

14: If the equipment were to be used for a short time, purchasing the equipment would be advisable. True or False______?
Answer: False

15: Record player, radio, cassette recorder are examples of Audio.
True or False______?
Answer: True

16: Small group instruction gives the learner a better opportunity for interaction with other members. True or False________?
Answer: True

17: School activities must be organised from __ to complex
Answer: Simple

18: With implementation of the Ashby commission report. The college that offered a one-year programme leading to the award of NCE in Business Studies is _ College?
Answer: Olunloyo

19: The training arrangements for business education teachers in Nigeria is done in _
Answer: Colleges of Education, Polytechnics

20: The curriculum for teacher preparation by NCCE prepares business teachers for the teaching of __ subjects at the junior secondary
Answer: Pre-vocation

21: The acronyms SIWES stands for __
Answer: Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme

22: The teacher has to be competent in the teaching area to avoid lack of _ on the part of the learners
Answer: Confidence

23: The Activists learns best form new __
Answer: Experiences

24: Demonstration Method may be used when teaching______ skills
Answer: Psychomotor

25: Large Group Instructions enables the teacher to avoid duplication of_______.
Answer: Effort

26: Business education institutions were previously known as __ Institutes.
Answer: Commercial

27: Learning is more Effective when the Learner knows
the________ goal to be achieved
Answer: Immediate

28: Business education programme provides for the handicaps in the
society. True or False_____?
Answer: True

29: Reflectors participate less in a_______ discussion but believe in getting things done through past or from experience.
Answer: Group

30: A business education teacher must hold certificate in __ education
Answer: Business

31: Who select business education equipment for teaching and learning?
Answer: Teachers

32: The activists learn best from new experiences/problems, survives in teamwork that is highly __.
Answer: Competitive

33: The importance of anything done should be explained and understood by the______
Answer: Learner

34: Law of_______ says that learning takes place only when an individual is ready to learn
Answer: Readiness

35: Question method of teaching can be divided into_________
Answer: Three

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