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BED114 Past Questions &; Answers

1: A Debit note is issued if there has been an _______ on an invoice

Answer: Undercharge

2: _______ can be used for special types of correspondence that takes place within an organization.

Answer: Memo

3: Credit note is prepared by the seller and sent to the _____

Answer: Buyer

4: Quotation is usually sent by the seller to the buyer in reply of the letter of _______

 Answer: Enquiry

5: Business document refers to name given to written records that provide the details of the transaction between _________.

Answer: The buyer and the seller

6: Catalog can be used for special types of correspondence that takes place within an organization. True or False _____?

Answer: False

7: Business correspondence aid in maintaining proper relationship.

True or False_____?

Answer: True

8: Letter is a form of ______ communication

Answer: Written

9: Business letters leads to decline the goodwill of the firm. True or


Answer: False

10: Leaders of business organizations must not hoard information that deserves to be made known to public. True or False_____?

Answer: True

11: Effective communication does not require the receivers to send feedback to the sender. True or False____?

Answer: False

12: Activities accomplished under undue _____ constraint are usually not effective.

Answer: Time

13: Too much information, the result is less ______ communication

Answer: Effective

14: Business leaders must be pro-active in information management. True or False____?

Answer: True

15: Communication is the only reliable means of controlling rumor mongering. True or False_____?

Answer: True

16: ______ refers to the act of guarding against certain types of


Answer: Screening

17: Emotion refers to how a person feels at the ______of receipt of a piece of information.

Answer: Time

18: On finding that the goods have been damaged in transit, the buyer writes complaint letter to ______

Answer: Transit Authority

19: Motive of recovery letter is to ______ from the buyer

Answer: Collect Money

20: The buyer writes ______ to the seller, on receipt of defective goods

Answer: Letter of Complaint

21: Recovery letter draws the attention of the buyer towards _________

Answer: Payment of Outstanding amount

22: Trade discount is given to encourage bulk purchases. True or False____?

Answer: True

23: Cash discount is given to _______ prompt payment

Answer: Encourage

24: Trade discount is also referred to as_______

Answer: Quantity Discount

25: The document issued by the customs authority in order to examine the concerned goods easily for calculating duties therein is known as _____

Answer: Custom declaration form

26: A document issued by the importers bank to the exporter giving a guarantee of payment to the exporter is known as______

Answer: Letter of credit

27: Bill of lading is a document of ______

Answer: Title to the goods

28: Bill of lading is similar to _____

Answer: Airway bill

29: Memorandum can otherwise be called ______

Answer: Memoranda

30: Memorandums are most important form of business correspondence used to record and send message within an_______.

Answer: Organization

31: A complete letter is one that provides all necessary information to the users. True or False____?

Answer: True

32: The statements written in the letter should be ______ to the best of the Sender knowledge

Answer: Accurate

33: Ambiguous language creates _____

Answer: Confusion

34: Letter should be written in a _____ and easy language

Answer: Simple

35: Clarity is a quality of a good letter. TRUE or FALSE

Answer: TRUE

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