GST105 NOUN E- exam Past Question & Answers

What do you call the period that witnessed the first complex change in scientific outlook?

Answers: Era of the scientific revolution

Which of the following is regarded as man’s earliest tool?

Answers: His Teeth

What do you call Lamarck’s theory which states that changes acquired during an individual’s life are brought about by environmental pressure and internal desires and that offspring inherit the desired changes?

Answers: Theory of inheritance of acquired characteristics

Formal science does not employ which of the following?

Answers: Experimentation

Which of the following do we attribute our inability to articulate Africa’s contribution to world civilization?

Answers: Colonial education

What was the intellectual class of the ancient Egyptians called?

Answers: Priest-scholars

By questioning Thales’ position that water is the basic phenomenon behind all reality Anaximander is said to have given birth to something fundamental to the advance of science. What is that?

Answer: Critical tradition

The definition of science that traces the root meaning of the word science is called?

Answer: Introduction

What did Georges-Louis Comte de Buffon’s study establish?

Answer: That all mammals have common features

The definition of science that traces the root meaning of the word science is called?

Answer: Etymological definition

One of the following is not an object of empirical science. Identify the odd one

Answer: Witches

which of the following is regarded as man’s earliest tool?

Answer: His teeth

The prediction that man’s increasing knowledge of nature would one day make man master to nature was first made by who?

Answer: Aristotle

Why do we regard the 20th century as the space age?

Answer: 20th-century men visited other planets

Demonstrate how the Yoruba will express 106 symbolically

Answer: 106 = (20 x 6) -10 – 4

What discovery led to a reorganization of nature whereby atom ceases to be the indivisible particles of matter?

Answer: Discovery of Xray

The cells that aid reproduction in human beings are called what?

Answer: Gametes

An individual is stripped and placed on a mat lying on his back. A pin or thorn is lightly rubbed over the inside of his thigh. What do the Hausa physician who subjects another person to this testing for?

Answer: Impotency

How do you state the cell theory?

Answers: Cells are building blocks of living things

What purpose did the Egyptian invention of the calendar serve?

Answers: To guide them through the planting season

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