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GST 105 Past Questions & Answers!

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About GST 105 – History and Philosophy of Science

Credit Unit : 2 Course Status: Core Course Technicality: Average

GST105 History and Philosphy of science is a compulsory curse for all 100 level students, if you fail it, you must resit for it and pass the exam before you can graduate , therefore i will advise you to take everybit of your studies serious

The Course isnt that too techncal, there is no calculation and easy to pass if you can just spare some times to study, We have created a very comprehensive online quiz that will assist you to pass, dont be surprise most of those questions might come out in your exams

GST 105 Study Materials Downloads

Besides Practicing our quiz and reading through these GST105 Past Questions & Answers which can boost your performances , Here is the official link to download the GST105 Study Materials from NOUN

GST 105 Past Questions & Answers Updated

Even if you are busy or cant ready at length, These carefully selected questions will save you the stress, Please if you want to surprise your performance, Practice our e-exam quiz it free, it contains fill in the Gap and Objectives questions ( Just like your real exam with Timer)

Full List of Questions

  1. Which year gave birth to National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN)


  2. Nigeria public figure that became the first doctoral graduate of Christian Theology in NOUN is

    Olusegun Obasanjo

  3. Regional Training and Research Institute for Open and Distance Learning (RETRIDAL) is the brain child of who?

    Commonwealth of Learning (COL)

  4. National Open University of Nigeria is the only

    mono-mode open and distance learning

  5. Which of these term is not applicable to Fourth generation Distance Education

    f-Learning (flexible learning)

  6. Fourth generation distance education can be view as

    empower phase

  7. Open and distance learning is driven by


  8. When learner is actively engaged in the processing of information, the action is refer to as


  9. SQ3R as an acronym for effective and efficient reading strategy, in its full meaning does not include


  10. The greatest simulator of critical thinking is


  11. Understanding the relationship between letterers and their sounds is called


  12. Ability of an individual to recognize and use individual sounds to create words is called


  13. Plagiarism is considered to be _

    theft of intellectual property

  14. The acronym which stands as a checklist to judge the reliability of web information is __


  15. Learning cannot be achieved by __

    praying hard

  16. During your examination revision, what is the use and source of master document?

    electronic notes to cut and paste for each topic

  17. The short cut to ‘find’ in word processing is _

    Ctr l + F

  18. The short cut to ‘copy’ in word processing is _

    Ctr l + C

  19. Numbers can be difficult because _

    they are condensed and abstract

  20. Statistics is a branch of science concerned with techniques for __

    presentation of summaries

I Hope you are enjoying your Studies?

  1. Your To-Do list is a creative tool, not a straight jacket. This implies that _

    You remain in control even after drafting it

  2. The skill required to read numbers used in a particular field of discourse is called __ skill


  3. Essay titles have hidden depths; you should therefore __

    identify process words

  4. It is said that writing is a form of speaking. This implies that when you read out your essay, it will help develop your _

    sense of audience and writing voice

  5. When you learn about history and events of the past can be classified as __

    abstract learning

  6. The art of reading that helps you get a rough idea of the content of a piece is called _


  7. In the correct order, identify actions that will enable you get the most from discussion groups _

    belonging, preparing, listening, taking notes, speaking

  8. A transient sharp upward or downward movement, as on a graph or table reading is called _


  9. The act of learning practical things will involve one of these _

    reflecting on experience

  10. In order to manage your reading effectively, you will need to _

    pitch speed according to purpose

  11. You are ad viced not to record everything during lectures. You should __ instead

    map the main topics

  12. The Kolb’s reflective learning circle is so named because __

    it’s a continuous process

  13. The short cut to ‘undo’ in word processing is _

    Ctr l + Z

  14. The short cut to ‘save’ in word processing is _

    Ctr l + S

  15. In word processing _ describes a situation where you play around with large, bold, purple, Gothic lettering on a marble background

    format frenzy

  16. To move the cursor to the start of a word, hold down ‘Ctr and press the __ arrow key.

    left or right

  17. Study skills are Not a set of __ that you learn once and apply forever


  18. The challenge of unfamiliar words can be resolved by the use of __

    concept cards

  19. Statistics is a branch of science concerned with techniques for __

    presentation of summaries

  20. Computer literacy is a skill that all students should acquire and __ to succeed in their studies


  21. The excellent way to democratize group learning experience is through __


  22. Understanding how you learn is a _ process

    life long

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