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How to Get Good Grades in Your NOUN Exams

If you are a new student or intending student of National open university of Nigeria, This post will show you how you Get Good Grades in your NOUN Exams, pass graciously with ease and score “A”s parallel in your exams

Becoming a student of National open university of Nigeria is easy because there is no requirement for Jamb examination or writing of Post UME however as easy as it seemed the desire of every student is to come out with first class or at least 2.2 ( Second Class Lower), so in this post, here are the stuffs I will talk about

Steps to Scoring Good Grades in Your NOUN Exam

  1. Do your TMA by yourself
  2. Ensure you download Your Updated Course Materials
  3. Get all the available Past question you can
  4. Attempt Oga Study E-exam CBT Quiz

Do your TMA by Yourself

Do your TMA by yourself to Get Good Grades in Your NOUN Exams

Your TMA I.e. Tutor Mark assignment is your continuous assessment which is 30 percent of all the score, After each admission, the School releases date for submission of TMA which you can access inside your student portal by logging with your matriculation number and the password your portal was created with.

The difference between your TMA and the real E-exam CBT quiz is because the TMA does not have timer while attempting it however, your e-exam has a time limit which could range from 1hr to 1hr:30mins. Per course, therefore, this means you have to work effectively towards answering all the questions

Why It’s Important for you to do your TMA by yourself

  1. NOUN is an Open distance learning system, there are high chances that you are working or gainfully engaged in business activities hence have little time to study, by doing the TMA yourself you understand the chances of reading along the line and help you to also master how the questions in your exams might look like
  • By doing your TMA by yourself, there are 40 % chances that most of those question will be out in your exams, this is because NOUN utilizes a question bank for setting exams and some times the questions can be randomly pulled and the same or similar questions you saw in your TMA might be out in the E-exam

Its the right thing to do: outside the benefits of boosting your academic performance, the key factor why you are into the process of acquiring this degree is for enlightenment and polishing your intellect, Most times we comply about why Nigeria education sector is in shambles and our graduates are half baked! Here is one of the reasons, you can’t eat your cake to have it when you don’t allow the education to pass through you rather you buy everything including certificate how can you represent what you don’t know?

Ensure you download your Course Materials

Most times you visit the NOUN Study center, the store officers will turn your request for study materials collection down if there are no available course materials, and because we are so busy with our works and schedules we may forget about reading that particular course, few days to exams we will be scampering around for it but then its too late to read and understand

The solution to this is for you to download your course materials from the National Open University of Nigeria official website and most times any way you will be surprised to notice the version you have online is more recent and updated than the printed copy

You can print the e-version If you do not love reading from your smartphone or PDA devices

Download Now Study Materials Here

Get all the available Past question you can

Every student wishing to get a reasonable grade in exam must always research to find out what the previous set had taken in exams, it’s one vital area you should not ignore, it may also interest you to know, most times lecturers have a habit of repeating previous past exam questions maybe 3-4 years ago

For those students in 100 – 200 Level which makes your questions almost unavailable or difficult to get, We at Oga study can help you lay hold on it at a very low fee, with the combination of our test and the e-past questions we provide, you are sure to cover more than 60 percent of your course work

Download E-exam & POP Past Questions from Ogastudy

Attempt Oga Study E-exam CBT Quiz

Prepare for your exams in a few days

Here comes the most important aspect of your academic success, Ogastudy is not just a Blog for finding vital academic information, Ogastudy have other cool services which if you utilize effectively can help you excel in your exams, one of them is Ogastudy E-exam, it’s tailored for students who are busy or wish to test their intellects on their various courses,

One cool feature about this platform is that we curate  these questions from your exam past question, study materials and handouts dating 4-5 years back, so don’t be surprised to see similar questions in your real exam

When you Sign up on Ogastudy you can access most of these features freely while some few courses require you to pay a small intangible fee ( and I believe it worth it)

Finally, there are other things you should ensure during exams which can affect your results these includes

Coming to examination venue early like 1hr before the exam

Ensuring that you do not indulge in examination malpractice, this is why Ogastudy exam will help you to build confidence because the platform will mimic your exam environment to test you on all you read, helping you to remember

As new intake into the system if you follow these simple steps Scoring A’s in Your NOUN 100 level e-Exam will be a piece of cake, trust me this post was written out of 3 years of experience and I know that it still works

Hope to hear from you in case you have questions regarding guides to Scoring A’s in Your NOUN 100 level e-Exam, you can ask your questions using the comment box here, I will get back to you

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