INR111 NOUN E-exam Past Question & Answers

When the statement “the balance of power must be in our favor” is made, it implies_____________________

Answer: the need for superiority

Which of these options is the earliest and most appropriate to fill in the gap? The catastrophic effect of the _______________stimulated interest in the study of International Relations.
Answer: First World War

__________________bombed two cities of Libya; Tripoli and Benghazi in 1986

Answer:United States of America

One of these is an international financial and economic organization_______________

Answer: World Bank

__________________is the exchange of information (and its manipulation) which permits and compels learning by each party about his opponent, about himself, and about their common situation

Answer: Negotiating process

The____________________ program is managed under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Nigeria
Answer: Technical Aid Corps

The International Interdependence Theory is also known as ____ theory
Answer: Globalization

Russian ________ lived from 1777 to 1825
Answer:Tsar Alexander I

__________________is a way of understanding relations among nations in contradistinction to the legalistic and institutional approaches the study of international politics
Answer: Power Approach

____________________is the actions of a state towards external environment and the conditions, usually domestic, under which those decisions are formulated
Answer: Foreign policy

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