INR121 NOUN E-exam Past Question & Answers

Idealist paradigms were rejected as a result of
Answer: World War II

According to Taylor, international relations is concerned with
Answer: Political relations

The idea that the pursuit of national power as a natural development in the international system is linked to
Answer: Realist

One of the following is not a specialization of International relations
Answer: Sociological

Treaty of Westphalia was signed in
Answer: 1648

… States that an international system consists of a number of units that interacts
Answer: Frankel

Due to lack of ……. In the international arena, states & nonstate actors depend on their resources
Answer: Executive Authority x

One of the following is a proponent of realism
Answer: Carr xxx

According to Taylor, international relations is concerned with….
Answer: Political relations xxx

…. Argues that the study of international relations extends from natural science at one end to moral philosophy
Answer: Zimmern

One of the following is not a specialization of International relations
Answer: Intelligence

Prior to World War I, the study of International relations was centered on
Answer: International Law

The international system is no doubt
Answer: Chaotic

The idea of preserving world peace was introduced by
Answer: Wilson

Collective security strategy failed to prevent?
Answer: World War II

………… Argues that globalization is making old fashion power politics obsolete.
Answer: Kissinger

Balance of Power theory emerged after the
Answer: Peace of Westphalia

legitimizing the use of force and peacekeeping is a form of?
Answer: Collective security

….. Defined collective security as machinery for just joint action in order to prevent or counter any attack against an established international order.
Answer: Schwarnberger

A system whereby power is distributed between four countries is referred to as
Answer: Multipolar

During the 19th Century, Russia was stronger than Austro-Hungry: but not stronger than _____
Answer: Britain

In Morgenthau Power Theory, Equilibrium is balanced power and balanced power is ____________________power
Answer: naturalized

Antimilitarism originated from __________________experience
Answer: WWII

According to Talcott Parsons, if societal equilibrium is to be maintained,______________functional pre-requisites must be performance
Answer: four

International Studies is also known as_____________________
Answer: International Relations

NAM is the acronym of _____
Answer: Non-Aligned Movement

One of the five key skills for effective problem-solving negotiations is_________________
Answer: dealing with emotions

NATO means_______________________
Answer: North Atlantic Treaty Organization

__________ annulled the June 12, 1993 presidential election
Answer: General Babangida

_________________were also established at the University College of Wales in Aberysturyth in 1922
Answer: Professorial chairs

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