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NOUN 2020 First Semester Exam

Because of the outbreak of Coronavirus all schools in Nigeria re under shutdown but here is what you need to know about NOUN 2020 First Semester Exam so you can get yourself ready, prepared and do not be taken unawares

First Ensure you have completed all your TMA, TMA 3 will close on June 12, 2020, if you are yet to finish up your tutor mark assignment please endeavour to do it right now because as we watch for the resumption of school activities, there will be a rush hour for clearance and you not meet up

NOUN 2020 First Semester Exam Online Exam Clearance is ongoing

This is not the time to be isolated despite the lockdown has slowed down everything, National Open University Exams were supposed to start by June for the pen on papers exams (POP) while e- exams will start from ending till duly, However, with the COViD-19 Lockdown, the school is now Conducting an online Exam clearance to reduce the influx of students to the student centre when school re-opens

avail yourself this opportunity by reaching out to your students Whatsapp groups or if you are on Facebook you can also ask your fellow students the details as each student center have a separate email you will sed your passport, registered exam slip to,

NOUN 2020 First Semester Exam May Start As soon As Lockdown is Over

Please do not relax or stop reading your books, this is an injury-time, I know most of you are not touching your course materials, you think you still have enough time to prepare for the exam, don’t get carried away the Exam will start immediately because the school would love to catch up with 2020 Second Semester session.

How to get yourself ready for NOUN 2020 First Semester Exam

I am wishing all of you a very successful exam preparation but let us believe God will help us, it is not easy I get it, we are all under lockdown and as students, the tutorial centres are also shut down, This leaves us with little option, Study on your own

Honestly, it’s scary to think that passing the exam without at least getting to ask questions or first-hand tutorials from experience personal, this is why I came up with this helpful tips to assist you to read, understand and capture the most important areas in your NOUN Downloaded materials

Download Your Courses & Exam Past Questions

Most times the question NOUN set in her exams might indeed be slightly different from the past questions, but from an experience point of view, This is NOUN 2020 First Semester Exam get your Past question ready, ensure you have at least 4 different years of past questions I can assure you. likely question might pop out especially for those from 100 level to 200 levels your exam comes from a question bank

Click here to Download Past questions free

if you didnt not see the past question you are looking for please use the comment form to request for it , we will update it

For all the Pop and E-exam Past questions you can download it free from our NOUN past question section, as a free bonus we are also uploading all the past TMA, because for e- exams we have notice that exams questions also from most TMA Questions

Solve all the questions you see in your Study materials:

Most of the NOUN downloaded study materials come with study exercise in each topic, there two things that usually happen here, first some of your TMA questions always come from this section, secondly most time your exam questions will be pulled from here in a more refined way. This is why you should pay attention to them

Take Our Free Exam Quiz

Yes at Ogastudy we have developed a free Exam quiz for all NOUn students, its free and you can start taking free e-exam quiz right now

you must access your performance, this is why we are working on the quiz, please this quiz is like e-exam, we selected some likely exam questions for you, if you can perform well in the examination, I can assure you, passing your exams won’t be an issue,

The NOUN E-exam quiz is free to take and we combine both objectives and subjectives, please try to ateempt these quiz it will help you pass your exams

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