NOUN Final Year Clearance 2020 Guidelines

Congratulations if your name was among the graduating students of the National Open University of Nigeria, Now that you are through, the next line of action is for you to know how NOUN Final Year Clearance is done and how to collect your certificate right?.

Here is the list of things you must do before you can be issued out your statement of results or certificate from National Open University of Nigeria,

For over 2 years now this has always been what NOUN asks Students to do in order to get their statement of Results and Certificate

As the National Open University of Nigeria, Convocation is to be held in March 2020, But due to the Outbreak of Covid-19 the University has decided to shut it down indefinitely, students will be communicated on how to get their statement of results and certificates so here are the Screening requirements for students whose name came out in the NOUN graduation list 2020

Documents required for NOUN Final Year Clearance

  1. E-wallet Print out from your Student Portal e-wallet
  2. Graduate Exit Survey printout
  3. RRR Payment slip for Convocation Gown
  4. Clearance Formed Filed, stamped and signed by your Study Centre Bursary / Accountant

E-wallet Printout from your Student Portal

This is required to ensure the following condition are met before your Clearnce form can be stamped, this is because the school want to verify your portal is not showing any negative balance.

Your wallet must indicate your first school fees payment expenditures showing that you paid for your Jamb regularization, Project and seminar fee, failure to show this means you are going to be asked to make those payments, it’s not funny

For those Old NOUN Students who transferred from Old student portal to new portal this can be a very stressing moment because after the National Open University Migrated from old portal the transactions history were not moved along,

Right Now your savior to surmount this stress is to ensure you have all your remita (RRR) payments from your first school fees payment

If you have lost your most of your Remita payments the only solution to this is to pray you used a correct and working email during your admission process because remita sends a copy of all payments to the email it was registered with, this is the first step in NOUN Final Year Clearance

Graduate Exit Survey Printout

This is a questionnaire conducted by the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) Academics to ascertain students’ performance, review, and statistics of how effective the ODL school system is

All graduating students are required to participate in the Survey.

Please print a copy of the acknowledgment slip and submit as part of clearance requirement for certificate collection

The URL for the Survey is NOUN Graduate Exit Survey Portal

RRR Payment slip for Convocation Gown

This is a Compulsory levy every graduating student must pay during their clearance, it consist certificate and Graduation Gown fee, actually you are to pay N15000 for this process however after the convocation you will be refunded 5000 Naira through the account number you submitted, according to the school, it was instituted to ensure students will return the Gowns after convocation

To generate this payment you must visit www.remita.net click on Pay FG and State TSA

Click on FG federal Government of Nigeria

Then Fill the form to generate an RRR Code which you will use to

Image showing how to make Remita payment for NOUN Final Year Clearance
Remita Generating step for NOUN Final Year Clearance

Clearance Formed Filed  stamped and signed by your Study Centre Bursary / Accountant

This is perhaps your last stage in NOUN Graduation Clearance process after you are given this form you will fill it, and return to your center where it will be stamped, signed and proceeds with you having a photocopy of it, then you are sure to be ready for graduating,

As you wear your prestigious Gown, we at Ogastudy wish you a happy convocation, I hope this have helped you understand NOUN Final Year Clearance Process

Learn how to clear your NOUN Portal Negative Balance in 5 minutes

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