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How to Clear NOUN Negative Balance within 5 Minutes – Updated!

Clear your negative balance by following this quick guide for 100 level to final year students

Are you a student of Nation open university of Nigeria presently experiencing NOUN Negative Balance in your student portal? Recently the  Student Portal Started showing negative balance to all students including the newly admitted students, it can be very alarming to see

Well if you are here because you have been trying to fix your National Open University Student Portal WELLET  balance or just wish to know how to rectify NOUN student negative wallet balance in case of future occurance, here is a practical guide on how you can fix it without having the need to visit your study centre

Since 2017 the student Wallet Netive balance has been a regular occurance thing every student once in a while will expreice, while some may fix on its own some will require you to take more actions

In this post I will show you the actions you will take to clear your NOUN negative wallet balance and possible help your friends

Steps to Clear NOUN Negative Balance

1. Log in to your Student portal at www.nouonline.net with your matriculation number and the password give or created by you,

2. Locate your student e-wallet Menu link as show in this picture and click on it to select “View Wallet”

At first when you login you will see the Negative wallet balance on top of your NOUN student Portal, do not fret or panicked most times the NOUMIS ( ICT management team ) tries to do check and balances in the portal , that’s why most times there may be SYSTEM GLITCHES TRIGGERING  accounting error

So when you click on view wallet from the e-Wallet link., the system will go into the students transaction database records to pull all your payment info then from their already programme algorithm it will pass it through remita payment system of verification to insure you actually made the payment,

After this process you will see Payment Audited,

Refresh your Wallet Page Steadily

How to Clear NOUN Negative Balance within 5 Minutes - Updated!
After refreshing the portal for a while the Neative balance of -54000 Naira cleared

Just like I stated early by doing this, all your RRR payments details will be audited and verified, the process  checks each RRR payment you have made each time you refresh the page until all of them is audited, so for old students, that have made series of payments maybe from 100 level till 400 level, you should continuously refreshing the page

In order for you to be sure everything is working, each time you refresh then page, please scroll down and check under the Total Expenditure Wallet balance , If the NOUN Negative Balance is reducing, continue refreshing it until everything vanishes

This is exactly the most effective way I have been using to help other students clear their NOUN Negative wallet Balance but because some cases are more troublesome I have made a FAQ on what to do in case if this first step fails

FAQ on NOUN Negative Balance

Question : I have tried to refresh view wallet page but its still negative balance

Quick Fix: if you have done the above method and its still showing negative balance , first try to know if the previous attempts you made decreased the negative balance if it worked then got stuck on a particular amount, just log out from your portal & login again

This should refresh the system, go back to view wallet refresh again,

Question: After Trying everything my wallet is still showing negative balance

Quick Fix: This is the point where you need to observe some stuff to ascertain if actually the system record is accurate in response to all your payments, as tasking as it seems this is the best way to fix the NOUN Negative Balance.

Step1 : Get all your Remita payment codes (RRR) under  your  wallet transactions please crosscheck if all the payment codes are reflecting inside your portal, because  in most cases what might be causing the deficit in your wallet is an omission of RRR code by the system , so in this case if you notice a mission RRR payment code, try to add it back to your wallet

Step 2: How to reload / re-credit your Wallet balance if the payment is not reflecting

credit rrr How to Clear NOUN Negative Balance within 5 Minutes - Updated!
Reload your RRR

Click on ewallet, select Credit RRR link from the drop down link

Step3: In the next page please enter the code inside the  box then proceed, This should solve the issue

Question: What if I have tried all this methods and its still not working

If you have refresh your wallet page, and on most cases reload your RRR yet the negative balance is still appearing on your NOUN portal, try to visit your study centre with all your Remita payment, go to bursary Unit preferably meet the accountant in your centre, they will collect those Remita payment receipts , submit to National Open University ( NOUN) headquarters) you will be notified on when to check your student wallet

I am pretty sure this is exactly what you need to do to clear your NOUN Negative Balance, but if you need any other assistance just comment in the box below and I will get back to you

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