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How to write NOUN On-Demand Virtual Examination – 2020 Procedure

This is a comprehensive guide on how to take your National Open University of Nigeria e- Examination is also known as NOUN On-demand virtual Examination, all the steps and procedures are explained in this post

If you did sign up for the examination here is the tools you need to get yourself ready for the exam, please ensure you do all these before your exam date

A laptop or computer set with webcam & a strong battery or UPS

It’s very important because your exam may last for 2-3 hours especially for POP exams, having a strong battery will help you when you run out of power, please before the main exam date try to use a standby generating set if you do not trust your area electricity (  I will explain the reason why you should do so)

Make sure your computer has a webcam if it does not have you can buy a detachable webcam along any computer shop in town (it should be about 2000 Naira)

A Strong Internet Connection

This is the second requirement for you, you can not afford to be disconnected from your exam, this is your future we are talking about here, NOUN on-demand Virtual Examination was newly introduced and might have some few issues, do not add more to it, inquire on the best network around your area, buy the sim, please use a modem or Wi-Fi, you can ask friends around do not use a mobile phone hotspot but if you insist on using your mobile phone

Make sure no one has that new number and let it be the only sim on your phone this is because if your mobile phone is dual sim there are chances your friends might call you during exam and this can disconnect your internet,  stopping your exam, its done for you, 

If you are using your phone let it be a 4G mobile phone, please also keep it far away from the view of the webcam

Install Google Chrome Browser

This is the instruction from the school, you must install a Google chrome browser because the artificial intelligent monitoring App your about to be used for your exam quiz requires Google Chrome, after your done with Google chrome installation the next thing is to install a quiz monitoring system

Install Mettl Tests: Enable Screen Sharing

Mercer mettl is an Indian firm that provides a New-age Examination and Proctoring Solutions for Remote and Cheating-free Online Exams

Metti test screen sharing is a google chrome app developed by the firm to allow the examiner  to see everything you do on your computer including the environment during the exam, please do not take this app for granted as it can report every movement, distraction during the exam, has artificial intelligence that monitors your actions during  any of the exams and can spot any discrepancies even in your behavior,

When you install it and start using it during an exam, you should not navigate away from your browser to any other page, this app will record it as malpractice, it is better you did not participate in the exam than trying to cheat in NOUN, its either your suspended indefinitely or expelled . to be forewarned is to be forearmed

How to install Mettl Test Screen sharing Google chrome browser extension

Click on this  link to install Mett Test on your browser

After installation here is what next to do,

Make sure your ID card is readily available and just create a distraction-free environment either in your house or office for that day, let there be enough light in the room and keep reading

NOUN on-demand Virtual Examination: Procedure to Start your exams and Submit your quiz

NOUN on-demand Virtual Examination, Temporally email sent from the school for login

Take note of your exam date, before then you will receive an email from the National Open University of Nigeria containing a temporally username and password which you are going to use to login to the virtual exam portal

Login to the link Exam Link (as sent in your email)

NOUN Virual Exam Server login

Your matriculation number is your username and the temporal password is your password, as soon as you log in, you will be promoted to change it, do so and now proceed to start your exam but before then you must do the following

now e exam How to write NOUN On-Demand Virtual Examination - 2020 Procedure

Start the Mettl google Chrome Screen sharing app by clicking on it if not your quiz will not be allowed to start, click on the icon near the browser address bar to start it

It will prompt you to close all other tabs remaining just the test tab, then verification begins, It will run a test to check your internet connection after that, you will be verified

Verify Yourself for NOUN On-Demand Virtual Examination

NOUN Virtual Exam student Verification process
verification of individual

Sit on your desk facing your computer ensure your webcam is open or connected for those using a removable web camera, On the drawn image screen, ensure your face is fitted into it and click to take a snap of yourself,

Next is for you to do ID verification by holding your Student school ID card by your left hand and click on the app again to snap you, the system will then submit, run some verification and browser integrity check before it will ask you to proceed. Please do not minimize your browser as soon as your test starts

NOUN On-demand Virtual Exam ID verification
Virtual Exam ID Verfication
  • Start your test, as soon as the Mettl Screen sharing app starts it will be indicated, you just have to continue with your quiz environment
  • Click on the Course as shown in the picture then click on Attempt Quiz followed by
click on Attempt Quiz

Checking out the time duration assigned to exam, please just answer your questions

NOUN On-demand Virtual Exam ID verification

When you are done click on submit quiz to finish you will be been shown your score but if it’s a pop exam your grade will remain ungraded until the examiner scores you

submit How to write NOUN On-Demand Virtual Examination - 2020 Procedure

When you are done please close down your mettl screen-sharing app do not forget its important, because as far as the app is on your exam is not over as it could report you as cheating even if you have submitted, it is like an eye watching you so ensure you exit it, before you can leave your seat.

Hope this helps

Meanwhile, if you are wondering how NOUN On-demand virtual examination will be, we have created a mock quiz similar to your real exam, the questions we used can even  be exam likely questions why not give it a shot

Take a free e-exam quiz now

Download Exam Past questions to get yourself prepared for the NOUN On-demand Virtual Examination

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