PCR115 NOUN E-exam Past Question & Answers

The skills of a professional are the skills of a _ friend.
Answer: helpful

_ is a law for the intercourse of states with one another not a law for Answer: international

ADR is not widely used in cases of conflict until those conflicts seem to become ready for______.
Answer: resolution

Planning for negotiation also involves the development of supporting __.
Answer: arguments

good’ communication demands that both parties take turns speaking and __.
Answer: listening.

For many reasons, advocates of ADR believe that it is superior to lawsuits and _.
Answer: litigation

Women’s roles in and contributions to the conflict are the whole _ in mainstream peacebuilding and constitution-making processes.
Answer: ignored

__ are inevitable. They are normal and an integral part of human lives.
Answer: Conflicts

_ aims to prevent situations that might exacerbate vulnerabilities, such as displacement and destruction of civilian lives and property.
Answer: International Humanitarian Law

_ is a long-term process that occurs after the violent conflict has slowed down or come to a halt.
Answer: Peacebuilding

There are cooperative and _ approaches to the settlement of conflicts.
Answer: competitive

_ is a long-term process that occurs after the violent conflict has slowed down or come to a halt.
Answer: Peacebuilding

Conflict resolution also assumes that conflict is a short term phenomenon that can be __ permanently through mediation
Answer: resolved

When _ come together there is bound to be conflict. This is because human beings have different backgrounds, interests, and worldviews.
Answer: human beings

__ correctly assumes that conflicts are long-term processes that often cannot be quickly resolved.
Answer: Conflict management

To end or resolve a long-term __, a relatively stable solution that identifies and deals with the underlying sources of the conflict must be found.

Answer: conflict

It is important to note that just as peace and cooperation is desirable, conflict too could be progressive when not allowed to become _.

Answer: destructive

__ is simply aimed at ending a dispute as quickly and amicably as possible.
Answer: Settlement

Any dispute not excluded from arbitration by virtue of law may be submitted to __.
Answer: arbitration

A cooperative approach leads parties to seek __ solutions in which both sides to the conflict feel they have won
Answer: win-win

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