POL111 NOUN E-exam Past Question & Answers

A political ideology that seems to debase state apparatus through the dictatorship of the proletariats is called?
Answer: Communism

Bolshevik revolution happened in what year?
Answer: 1917

Which of the following is not recognized in the political spectrum of social change?
Answer: Labourism

Who led the Chinese Revolution in 1949
Answer: Mao Tse-tung

French Revolution that marked the end of the period of Royal absolutism of Louis XV happened in what year?
Answer: 1789XXX

One of the following is not part of the recommendations of Justice Muhammed Uwais’ electoral reform in Nigeria
Answer: Sustaining Tribunal during swearing-in

In socialism, who controls the means of production?
Answer: The state

An abrupt change in the social structure of a society is known as
Answer: Revolution

Which ideological inclination recommends a reduced government role in the economy?
Answer: Capitalism

When was the first election held in Nigeria?

The scientific method of political science is closely associated with
Answer: Behavioural Revolution

The Great Depression is a paragon intersection between politics and
Answer: Economics

To avert the problem of governing, or maintaining order, in a complex society, politics is said to be:
Answer: only one possible solution to the problem of order

The scientific approach in Political Science refers to
Answer: the methodology which a Political Scientist adopts xxx

Who defined politics as a social process characterized by activity involving rivalry and co-operation in the exercise of power, culminating in the making of decisions for a group”
Answer: William Bluhm

Which of these does not fall within the different phases of development of the field of political science according to Varma?
Answer: Theoretical Sociological

A commonsensical basis for defining politics would _
Answer: Equate politics with government xxx

Comparative Politics, one of the major branches of Political Science best applies the following characteristics of science except
Answer: The impossibility of verification of the data as well as the generalizations

In what nature can political science serve the rich and advanced nations without losing sight of the myriad of socio-economic problems confronting poor countries of the Third world?
Answer: Post-behaviouralism

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